• Asset Management & Hedging

Otp Invest, Zagreb 2020

  • Business analytics

Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Zagreb 2019

  • Insurtech & Business analytics 

Amodo, Zagreb 2019

  • In house education

Managing financial assets with Excel, Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency HANFA, Zagreb, 2017


  • Finance and risk management

Risk Modeling, Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency HANFA, Zagreb, 2015

Selected topics in financial risk management, OTP Invest, Zagreb 2014


  • Executive Education

Planning in supply chain (Zagreb 2016)

Managing financial assets with Excel (Beograd 2015, Sarajevo, 2015)

In house education  Optimization Models and Econometric Modeling for Supply Chain Management, Konzum d.o.o., Zagreb 2013